Dine in a romantic and charming atmosphere, perhaps on a lovely terrace with views of the ancient SS Basilica. Located on the Bay of Otranto, è this is what you can expect from the restaurant, the exclusive restaurant managed by the talented chef Antonio.

For guests at Hotel Palazzo Papaleo, the restaurant has an intimate and discrete ambiance where you can taste the flavors of Salentine cuisine through a culinary journey of fragrances and top quality local ingredients , carefully selected Pugliese wines and Mediterranean culture.

Although it doesn't appear in the menus, the extraordinary view of the sea is an ingredient that flavors every dish, and makes all the difference when diners sit at their table!


  • For Hotel Palazzo Papaleo guests (20 guests only)
  • Special Events upon request (50 guests only)
  • Private Dinners
  • Terrace
  • Views
  • Open from April - October
Hotel Palazzo Papaleo | Via Rondachi 1 - 73028 Otranto, Lecce, Italy | P.IVA 03688510100 | Tel. 0039.0836.802108 | Fax 0039.0836.805129info@hotelpalazzopapaleo.com